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Dr. Robert Evans Wins the Eugene Current-Garcia Award

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The Monroeville Literary Festival and the Association of College English Teachers of Alabama Steering Committee is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2020 Eugene Current-Garcia Award winner, Dr. Robert C. Evans, Professor of English at Auburn University- Montgomery.

Author of eight books and hundreds of articles, Dr. Evans’s prolific literary scholarship has advanced the field of Renaissance Studies. Over the years, Dr. Evans has been the recipient of numerous research fellowships and has served as an editor for several journals and more than forty books. Although his scholarship began with a focus on Ben Johnson, his research at the Yale library in 1993 recovered a lost Renaissance author, Martha Moulsworth – a discovery that garnered the attention of the Alabama Humanities Foundation and the inclusion of her poem in two of Norton’s anthologies of literature. Over the years, Dr. Evans’ scholarly inquiry has expanded to include work on Kate Chopin, Flannery O’Connor, Harper Lee, and most recently, Ralph Ellison.

Just as notable, however, has been his commitment to students, not only as an admired professor, but also as a mentor to more than a hundred graduate students and student writers. While at AUM, he has received numerous awards, including the Faculty Excellence Award, Distinguished Research Professor, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Who’s Who among College Professors nomination, and Professor of the Year by the South Atlantic Association of Departments of English.

His esteemed reputation among literary scholars and his mentorship of rising English scholars are accomplishments that ACETA is delighted to recognize here in the great state of Alabama.

Dr. Evans will receive the award on March 6, 2020, during the Monroeville Literary Festival.

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